Do you wish to start your business in 2020?

Do you want your local hustle should conquer Google and rank well?

Start your business in this COVID-19 scenario, it has become tough for people to survive and manage their livelihood. However, the best fact about this crisis is that – this is the best time for you to start your hustle and conquer local Google SEO.

Starting a business is not an easy task; you need to plan and make a note of many factors. Some of the major requirements of starting a hustle are:

  1. A good team

Running a business is not a one-man show!

You need complete support of experts in your team to guide you in business.

2. Resources

Depending on your business, you need to have sufficient resources to start your local business. For instance- if you plan to open a restaurant, you must have your own space or rent out a place.

  • Cash flow

Money is the bloodline of every business!

You need to have money to invest in your business. So make sure you have financial resources.

  • Internet

A business without the internet is of no use!

If you wish to gather more customers for your new hustle, then you need to create a gig over internet platform and customize the local search options using SEO keywords on your website.

Search engines like Google and Bing or yahoo can certainly add some flavor to your business and attract customers.

Read this article to gain an insight into the three-level strategy of using Google to popularize your real-world business locally and conquer the local SEO practices of Google.

Google stuffing

This is the initial level where you tell Google about your business facts. You can do this by

  • Creating a website of your business and listing out things like homepage, products and services, contact, reviews
  • Optimizing your site using SEO oriented content, keywords, and schema markups
  • Interacting with the third parties over the internet to popularize your company socially
  • Auditing your company’s performance quality in comparison to your business competitors

In an Overall perspective, you need to take care of your customer needs in this step and Google can help you reach out to local audiences

Google local SEO vs. Your business

Let us be practical!

Google has its pros and cons. Even though Google can help, you advertise your local business; it can still drag your business to the bottom line as well. 

Services issues

Whether you sell products or provide services, there are always chances for your business to face outranking issues by competitors, or from third party hijackers, or be a victim of reputation attackers or target to Google platform errors.

How can you fight it?

  • Keep a note of Google business policies and ways of violation
  • Try to add tools in your website to avoid Google spam

Upturn Google

You can flip local Google SEO trends using the 4-step strategy:  

Know your customer

In order to start your business, you need to improve your customer interaction skills. You can create a customer email database or conduct a market survey using either Google platform or directly by interacting with customers. Make sure you spend more time answering customer queries and doubts. Try living up to their expectations so that they do not have to depend on Google to know more about your business

Implement the solution

Try giving the customers what they want!

Look for the solutions or suggestions of the problems you found out from your customers in step-1. Try to convert them to potential and regular customers by offering them solutions so that they do not have to browse Google for help.  

Do the magical act

Make it a point to check forums and discussions, where you can find a lot about community problems. Make sure you find a solution to those additional problems and involve your business to represent those solutions. When customers approach you with a hope of availing an excellent service or product, please provide them with a note of thanks or token of gratitude. 

Share your customers

This is the final step where you help your customers choose between your products. Try decreasing the customer dependence on Google for answers. Make use of your business tie-ups and refer your customers to local business stores as well. Elaborate them about your customer sharing process and what benefits they can reap out of it. Try implementing manual or word of mouth customer referrals rather than using Google for the same.


If you have a big fat business budget, you can hire SEO professionals or companies who provide affordable SEO packages that can promote your business online and offline. You need to cross your lines in order to overpower Google local SEO monopoly and build a loyal customer base for start your business.

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