Selection of domain name for your website or blog

Once you have selected your perfect idea and wants to build a brand name, then you need to select a domain name for your website.

In addition, this is a basic but important step on your digital journey.

Just think about it…

Your domain is just like a dream house.

The domain name should be authentic and genuine. Now there is a need for the search.

A domain name or dream house selection is a challenging task.

So, take your time as per idea and choose wisely.

Below, I gonna share a few tips to help you choose the tremendous same for the website.

But initially, let’s understand what exactly means the same.

What is a Domain for a website or blog?

domain name

A domain carry two parts; the name followed by the extension.

For instance, – techvikalp is the name and .com is the extension.

Above line illustrated that domain name can be anything- your favourite technology, news, nickname, or a company name.

A domain name is the web address or we can say main URL, that end users reach to your website.

There are many types to fetch domain name. Above all, it helps you updated.

Suggestion, try to declare the same close to your niche.

Web location to purchase domain

Now lets talk about web location to buy domain….

Numerous web locations are available but purchase from authentic domain recorder, listed below:

That will record the same and or host it their server. WordPress and Blogger also offer hosting services if suited then also go for it.

Your domain recorder may offer domains as well as hosting. There are advantages and disadvantages to whether you should purchase through them or purchase separately. If you go for hosting for above 24 months then same you will get free of cost. (always subject to matter)

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First impression always matter, so choose domain appropriately.

Use tips indicated above to purchase domain.

catchy domain name always memorable

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      Suggestion: Don’t go only for domain purchase move forward for hosting also. The good news is domain purchase will be free at the time of hosting purchase.
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