How to use Google Classroom: Teachers & Students

When you are not able to go to college or school. In such a hard time, online distance learning becomes very important. In such a condition, Google Classroom can help a lot and the teaching-learning process will not be disturbed.

Before starting the content, Techvikalp wants to tell you what I will cover in this post. The topic flow is as follows:

Important Note: To operate Google Classroom, you must have a valid Google mail account. All students who want to join the class must also have a valid Google mail account.

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What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a web free facility. Its main objective is to provide a platform that is simple, creative, assignments-taking, paperless work and simplifying the teaching-learning process.
In other words, it is said that to get rid of the problem on the lining of the student and teacher.

The following applications play their vital role in operating the Google Classroom:
Google Drive: To Create and Distribute Assignments
The Google Docs, Sheets & Slides: In writing
Google Calendar: To make classwork alert
Students can be invited to join the class through Google classroom code.

How a teacher can use Google Classroom

use Google Classroom

In this part, the steps will be covered which are essential for a teacher such as creating a classroom and sending Google Classroom Code students. Students will use that code to join the classroom. Here are all the steps:

Classroom creation and forwarding code to students

  • Open on you PC and sign in with your valid Gmail account.
  • After signing in, select the create option by clicking + Symbol in the right side top corner on the current interface. License agreement has to be accepted here.
classroom current interface
  • Tick the license agreement as shown in the image then continue. Form will open for create class.
license agreement
  • It is important to fill the class name in the create form. All other options are optional, but fill out if there is more than one class, otherwise it is difficult to identify. Then click on save.
create form google classroom
You will get private code as the class will be created. You have to access this code to the students so that they can join Google Classroom.
classroom created

Alter classroom settings

After creating Classroom, you can also change some settings. Follow the points below

  • Click on the Settings icon (gear) on the right side corner of the classroom.
setting icon
  • In the setting, you will first see what you created the class, if you want to change something, you can do it from here. For more settings go down.
class details
  • In general class code setting you can find display, copy, reset and disable options. Do as per you requirement.
  • In-stream section you will get three options select as per need i.e. students can only comment (default), students can post and comment, only teachers can post and comment.
  • Setting in Classwork on the stream also consist of three parameters, select as per you need i.e. show condensed notifications, show attachment and details, hide notification.
general setting google classroom
  • Finally, the last classroom setting is Grading. In this section, you can make sure that the grades of students are displayed. Overall grade calculation setting section consists of three parameters i.e. no overall grade (default), total points and weighted by category, select as per you need.
  • Get direction to set up the grading system.
  • After changing your settings, you must select the save option written in the right side top corner or else the selected data will be lost and will have to be changed again in the settings.

Students and Teachers addition in the Google classroom

  • By the way, students will be added to the classroom code, but still, you want to add according to your needs, click on the People section of the classroom.
people section class
  • People menu gives you two sections to add teachers and students. If any teacher share subject with you, click on the icon at the same level of Teacher. In case of student follow the same.
add people
  • As you click on the icon to add the student or teacher, the invite window will open. Enter the Gmail of the person you want to invite (A). Select the email of the person (B) appearing in the search result. Finally, select the Invite option seen in the bottom.
invite students
  • If you want to remove students from your class. Removing option will be visible as soon as you select the student and click on the action.
remove student from class

Classwork creation and assign to students

  • Creating classwork such as assignments, questions, models is your job. To do this, go to Google Classroom and click on the classwork next to the stream.
classwork section
  • After clicking on the classwork, you will see multiple options. Select according to your requirement. I am selecting quiz assignment for example.
quiz assignment upload
  • As you click on Quiz assignment, the interface will look like the image below.
  • Title (1) is mandatory.
  • If you have question paper in doc or PDF format then click on add (2) else you can create assignment.
  • Assign dates and times (3) for when students submit their assignments to you.
  • If you want the details of individual students then use Blank quiz (4) else you can eliminate it.
  • Finally assign (5) immediate the assignment to students by clicking on it.
  • If you do not prefer to assign immediate then click on the down arrow (6) you will get schedule option for future assignment.
procedure to assign

Check answer sheets and award marks

A teacher can see the uploaded paper by students and also able to give grades and marks. Let’s see this…

  • Click on Grades (1)
  • Interface looks like the image below.
  • If you want to see the answer sheet then click on the student name (2) or view submission below return (4).
  • Award the marks at the right place (3) as indicated.
  • Finally don’t forget to return (4) else the student will not be able to secured marks.
awarded marks

How a student can use Google classroom?

To join the classroom, your teacher must have sent a private code. Follow the steps given below with that code.

Join Google classroom as a student

  • Open on you PC and sign in with your valid Gmail account.
  • Click + Sign (1) in the top right corner. Then click on join class. Current interface will look like the below image.
  • Enter that code (2) which is provided by your concern subject teacher. Go with join button.
  • Now you are in the classroom.
stduent google classroom login

Submission of scheduled classwork

  • go to classwork, see the due date, then click on view assignment.
  • Do your assignment work and submit it by adding your document and mark as done.
add work
  • You will be notified as Turn in it means your task completed.
turn in

Share views in the classroom with their friends

In the Stream section of Google Classroom, you can communicate with your friend if the teacher has allowed in the settings or else you cannot communicate with your friend

goole class


I hope this post will resolve your concern in relation to Google classroom. If any point left or not fulfilled your intent then kindly make a comment.

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