The How To Set Up A Zoom Meeting For PC Or Zoom App

In the lockdown period or if you work from home anyway, you may have heard about Zoom, a meeting tool that has become very popular recently. But you might not know what a zoom is and use it. In this post-Techvikalp will tell you the important thing related to Zoom meeting.
Let us see what facilities Zoom provides us.

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What is Zoom?

The Zoom is a video conferencing tool running on an internet connection, which is used on both mobiles and laptops. With the Zoom cloud meeting application, we can talk to people both online video and audio. The Zoom cloud meeting application also allows its users to record and share video meeting projects. Using the Zoom cloud meeting app is very easy like other social platforms.

What is Zoom Meeting?

Zoom meeting is a kind of virtual gathering of all people. In the process of a zoom meeting, a person uses his PC or mobile device. Inbuilt cameras and microphones play in these devices to enhance virtual presence. Physical attendance is not required at any one place and meeting is known.

The best thing about Zoom is that it provides additional tools to run the meeting smoothly. If you have used video meeting tools like Google Hangout, Google classroom Meet, GoToMeeting, or WebEx, then it will be easy to understand and do a zoom meeting.

How to Join a Zoom Meeting?

If you are as a participant in a zoom meeting then it is easiest to join the meeting. The Zoom meeting that host sends the meeting link to your mail account. Simply click on that link, the .exe file of Zoom will be downloaded and finally you will go to the Zoom meeting.

If you do not have a link, then it is necessary to have a Participant ID. You can speak to your office or subject teacher to share the Participant ID.
Let us look at the details …

How to Set up a Zoom Meeting for PC

zoom meeting

In this part, you will get information about scheduling the meeting immediately or later.
If you do not have a zoom account, click on Sign Up to activate the free account.

Signing up in a zoom meeting is very simple, follow steps:

  • First of all, fill the date of birth and click on Continue.
  • Secondly, enter your email and click on Sign Up.
  • After doing the above action, a pop-up will appear in front of you, which will have to confirm receiving the email with a zoom, click on confirm.
  • Last step, look at the email, open the email for confirmation that Zoom has opened and click on confirm.

Scheduling the Zoom Meeting Immediately on PC

  • Click on the sign-in to execute the Zoom login page.
  • Enter the email ID and password you used while signing up and click on signin button.
how to use zoom
  • After the zoom is signed in on the top right side of your profile, move the mouse to HOST A MEETING and select an option.
  • For instance, I will go with the “With Video Off” option. So that I can start a meeting without video.
  • Screen Share Only option is helpful in the case of the presentation. Participant of the meeting can watch your computer’s screen.
zoom cloud meeting
  • Process for meeting has been initiated. As the process time extended your expected time then click the red marked Click here. If again you stuck then further move for download and run zoom.
open zoom meeting
  • If you clicked on download and run zoom link, save the downloaded application in your PC.
  • Open the folder where you saved application.
  • Now Double click on the application and wait for meeting to launch.
  • Finally, to start the meeting immediately, click on the pop up which has come up and join with the computer audio.
zoom meeting download
  • The indicated meeting interface has a copy link click on it and further click on invite others.
  • Then, specify the email address of the person to invite to join the meeting.
copy url
  • You can see the control options at the bottom of the meeting window i.e.
  • Mute the microphone
  • Start or stop video
  • Manage attendee.
  • Chat option
  • Share screen 
  • Record the meeting
  • End the meeting.
zoom interface
  • As you click on End Meeting button you will get two options i.e End Meeting for All or Leave Meeting.
end meeting
end meeting for all

Scheduling the Zoom Meeting Later on PC

You can also plan a zoom meeting for a later date and time. For this follow the steps given below

  • Login to zoom by sign in.
  • Click on the schedule a meeting at the top right location of the page.
schedule a meeting
  • Enter the meeting details and settings as indicated on-screen.
  • To fix the meeting date, click on the calendar provided from the side and take care of AM and PM.
  • If you want to do video conferencing then you must turn on the video.
  • To start the Zoom meeting late, save all the seating by clicking the save button.
  • Now you can see the meeting in the list. To start the meeting click on start meeting.
start this meeting

How to Set up a Zoom App for Android Phone

Follow the direction as indicated below to set up Zoom app for your phone

Scheduling the Zoom Meeting Immediately on App

  • Go to play store and download the Zoom app.
  • Open the app on your phone.
  • Tap the sign-in button at the bottom of the app.
  • Complete the registration process to create account.
  • Now current mobile interface needs Email Id and password go with this.
  • You can also log in with your Facebook account.
  • Terms and policies will pop out, click on the continue button.
  • Then Zoom offer you four option i.e. New meeting, Join, Schedule and Share screen. Go with New meeting option.
  • When you tap New meeting you will see Video on (by default) and Use personal meeting ID. As per need you can turn off video.
  • Click start a meeting.
  • Now Zoom will request you to access your microphone and camera, allow this pop-up by click tap on Got it.
  • Current screen will show you two icon: top left speaker icon tap to stop audio and top right End to stop meeting.
  • Bottom of screen consists of four options i.e. mute, start video, share, participant and more.

Scheduling the Zoom Meeting Later on App

  • Open the app on your phone.
  • Click on schedule button.
  • Current interface show you the setting, modify this as per your need.
  • After complete setting don’t forget to tap save at the top right of the screen.
  • Now your meeting is scheduled in future.
  • You can verify at the main window of the app.


You can use above said method to set zoom meeting at your PC and phone. I hope you got this post helpful.

If you have any doubt then ask question in comment section.

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