Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing: 5 weird Strategies for Optimization of Ad

Who doesn’t want to earn valuable traffic through ad campaigns? For every marketer, ad campaigns are a way to generate high sales by drawing high traffic and gaining better conversions. PPC marketing in the field of digital marketing play a keen role to earn tremendous traffic through ad.

That’s the reason why they prefer to choose different result-driven marketing strategies. But, in many cases, it takes enough time to meet the desired results. 

Are you finding out ways to scale up your business revenues? Well, we guess, PPC ads will help you with what you want.

Choose a PPC management company in Delhi and set up a successful PPC campaign with advanced strategies.

PPC or Pay-per-click advertising technique not just helps a business in its promotion but even takes no time to reflect the effects of the campaign.

You just need to use some specific keywords, engaging ad content, and some promotional message, that’s it.

That’s it? Not really, there are many more that you need to consider while optimizing your PPC ads.

What is PPC Marketing?

When you reached here in the post, the idea would be that pay-per-click marketing is an advertising channel.
In this, marketers do not pay for ad placements or in full.

Placements are based on the bid amount. The advantage is that the advertiser pays only when an online user clicks on the advertisement.

When you use search engines like Google or Bing, you will see results on SERPs. Advertisers target particular keywords or behaviors, and use the product, service, or brand at the center of advertising.

For example, I searched for “generator” and the result indicated below:

PPC advertising

Everything highlighted in red box is an Ad and it resulted at the top of the page to get maximum click and conversion.

Major PPC Marketing Platform

There are many platforms for advertising that offer shopping PPC ad, text, and display. But there are three such platforms that you cannot ignore.

Amazon Advertising

Any product you search, 46% of that result is from Amazon.

E-commerce retailers prefer Amazon Advertising because it is the fastest-emerging PPC platform.

Such kind of Ad is Google’s primary PPC advertising platform. Google does pay-per-click advertising on its Display Network.

Display offers search partner sites with image and video ads.

Google ads also appear on video platforms like YouTube.

Microsoft Advertising for Marketing

Microsoft advertising is known and recognized as Bing advertising. Microsoft’s Bing is a PPC advertising platform.

This platform allows pay-per-click advertising on and search partner sites like MSN is a native advertising platform for PPC marketing.

PPC optimization strategies to note down

Here we have pointed down some effective PPC optimization strategies that when used in digital marketing boost the conversion rates and show unexpected results.

Proper keyword research

When you are thinking about launching a PPC ad campaign, your primary job will be to have extensive keyword research.

Finding out the high-performance keywords that can bring high results should always be your initial task.

But how to know that the keywords will perform well?

To ensure that the keywords you choose are a good performer, you can use the KPI tool.

KPI or keyword performance indicator tools are efficient in identifying the key performers by analyzing the click-through rate and conversions.

These two metrics are enough to select the best from the thousands.

Other than KPI, you can even try out your brainstorming ideas based on your market research and digital marketing tactics.

Perhaps this will help you to understand how long-tail keywords are different from short keywords.

List down the negative keywords

It is essential to figure out the high performing keywords for PPC campaign. However, it is equally necessary to list down the negative keywords.

Figuring out the negative keywords helps you to eliminate the keywords that affect the campaign in a negative way.

It is always important to use the keywords that fit the campaign and are based on the targeted audience.

It is extremely useless to use negative keywords and hamper the campaign.  

Design your ad based on demographics

PPC ads are successful only when you design the ad based on the targeted audience.

Apart from pointing out the necessary keywords, it is also essential to look for the content based on the audience whom you are going to serve.

This is where you need demographics!

Designing ads based on demographics are important to reaching your qualified audience.

Here are a few things that can help you in targeting your desired audience. These include:

The age group, gender, income level, geographic region, relationship status, and education level.

Preparing a graph based on these demographics will help you to carry on with your campaign in a much easier way.

Even the top digital marketing agencies plot these before setting off a PPC campaign.

Analyze your ad Copy

Once the design is made with proper content and all, you just can’t start the campaign.

It’s not yet the green signal. Designing of ads is followed by an analysis of the ad copy.

This is considered as the most crucial step of PPC optimization process.

To analyze the ad copy, A/B test is set up.

This is basically an assessment that figures out whether the ad is ready to be launched or it needs further edition.

The process involves a comparison of two ad copies, choosing the one that will have more clicks.

Have a proper landing page

Finally, when everything is set for launch, it is time to create an effective landing page for the ad to take off.

A landing page is a page where users land on when they click the ad.

This can be either the product page, homepage, or any other web page related to your ad.

The landing page should be created in such a way that the visitors are compelled to make some kind of actions.

It should have a good loading speed and can convince the visitors about the product or service.

A few things that you must take care of while creating a landing page are a proper picture with informative content, price, and a powerful CTA.  


Your ad makes really no sense if it can’t drive visitors to your door. That’s what we call an imperfect optimization of ads.

But if you have gone through the above-mentioned strategies thoroughly, such a situation will never stumble upon you. 

To summarize, there are only a few elements that you must ponder while creating your ad.

These includes:

The visual elements, for example, content, images, colours, and brand logo.
Ad landing pages
Proper use of targeted keywords

If you have properly optimized these three fundamental areas, your ad is a super success. 

However, for better results, look for a reputed white label digital marketing agency that has a great experience in this ground.

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