Best profitable blog niches Ideas that make Money in 2020

Friends, if you want to become successful in blogging, then you will have to work hard and learn a lot. You have to do research to write good content on your blog and you have to work very hard to get traffic from SEO. If you do not know what is a blog, blogging and blogger just read this for more clarification about this post i.e Most profitable blog niches Ideas.

But if I tell you that there are so many people who without writing content on their website and without doing SEO, bring in millions of visitors and make a very good income.

What is a Blog Niches?

Niche definition: Blogging in the blog requires a topic that we call niche. In another language, it can be said that the topic that you click on to see the blog first is the niche of that blog.
Let us understand by example:
Suppose you searched in Google on “What is WordPress“, then the blog you will get will be related to technology.
The another example, where you want to go for a walk, but before you go, if you want to know about that place, then the blog related to it will be a niche travel.

If you want to get information about cooking, then the blog you will visit will address niche food.

most profitable blog niches

Above image make you more clear about niche. The market connected with sub-market and there you can easily get the niche. The niche can be identified from the market as well as sub-market.

Why Niche important for Blogging?

Trust is the foundation on which the world operates. A person who is a master in his field can easily get the trust of others.
Blogging is also related to this, you should blog on the same field of which you are a master, so that you can get the trust of the public and Google.

Mastering a field and writing content are both different skills. Blogging requires both to be together.

Your mastery will be your niche. If you are not a master, then you have to demonstrate your niche by mastering in any one field.

Many people come to the blogging field, but Sustain does the same who is a master in his/her field.

There are many advantages to working on a specific blogging niche, as you can become an expert in your field, make good money from blogging, and you can attract a loyal reader to your blog.

Find your Blog Niches: Brainstorm

Where will you find a niche?
There is no need to go somewhere to find a niche. You have a niche, you just need to look inside yourself. I can help you find the niche.

Niche you can find anytime and anywhere like:

  • Something in your room
  • If you go to the gym
  • Eat or drink some favourite item
  • You read someone’s blog
  • When you are talking to someone on a topic
  • When shopping online, you can have a niche for your blog

What happened, the niche is not clear from the above direction.
No need to worry, I will take you to a direct profitable niche:

Niche always functions from three directions:
First, your enthusiasm for the topic
Second, the enthusiasm of the consumer towards the topic
And third, whether this topic is worth earning or not

most profitable blog niches

Just wait and think …

  • You have selected a topic and are excited to make money with the product …. But no person is interested, it is impossible to make money if there is no audience.
  • Now you have seen which topic is the interest of the audience. Then it turned out that your interest is not the subject. You will always be worried about blog posts in future. Blogging will eventually be missed.
  • Your interest has a topic as well as an audience, but it is not only a money-making topic, it is a third type of problem.

I gonna suggest you solution for above three question by providing a list of niche idea. But you also need to do market research and make your own blog post idea.

Most Popular Blog Topics Ideas

Lets dive in it…

Food Blog Niche

food blog

The food niche is very popular. If you like to cook, you can share the recipe of new dishes in your blog post. You can also take a review from customers. If you have a restaurant, you can also get orders. You can reach cookbook and tutorials customers. There are many food blogs that rank in the month and make a good income.

Lifestyle Blog niche

lifestyle blog

The lifestyle niche is also very famous. In relation to this, you can write a blog post on Craft, Home Remedies, Beauty and Style. If I talk about the top lifestyle blog, then Liz Stanley is at the top. She started the blog in 2008. Today is making very good money.

Blogging Blog Niche

blogging tips

Blogging is also a very good niche. There are many people who become so accomplished by creating a blog that they start guiding others. You can also help others based on your experience. You can make good money with launching your tutorials.

Fashion Blog niche

fashion blog

Fashion is the most searched niche. There is a lot of potential in this niche. Would you like to start a blog from this niche? In this niche, organic traffic comes on its own. You can start a good income.

Still struggling with your niche?

Are you still struggling with the niche? Don’t worry, you have a lot of niche below, you can select these niche.

Travel Blog Niches

  • Travel tips
  • Travelling for work
  • City guides
  • skiing, snowboarding: Sports travel
  • Work on travel

General Blog Niches

  • Self-improvement niches
  • Parenting niches
  • Building websites niches
  • Health and wellness niches
  • Personal finance niches

Hobbies based Blog niches

  • Makeup tutorials
  • draw anime
  • podcast
  • Art
  • Music
  • Gambling

Gaming Blog Niches

  • Strategy games help
  • Card and board games
  • Video game tutorials for beginners
  • Outdoor games
  • Game reviews

Relationships Blog Topics

  • Dating guide
  • Life after divorce
  • Relationship advice
  • Weddings and marriage
  • Blended families


I hope you may find your blog niches. All the above-indicated blog niche ideas are tremendous and profitable. If you work on any one of them definitely you will get organic audiences.

Finally, if you liked this post then make a line in the comment section. If any point left then let me know to update this post.

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