What is WordPress? Basic but Need to Know for Website Design

If you are blogging or want to start then you must have heard the name of WordPress. But do you know what is WordPress and how to make a website on it?

It is the best and popular Content Management System (CMS) in the whole world. If you have not heard about it and are keen to study and learn more, then you have come to the right place.

Today in this post you will get a chance to know what is WordPress? How it works? What are its benefits? and Which is a good platform for blogging in comparison to WordPress and Blogger?

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What is WordPress?

It is an open-source with a content management system (CMS). It was created by Matt Mullenweg in PHP and MySQL and was launched as open-source on 27 May 2003.

Like WordPress, there are many more Content Management System (CMS) free open sources, such as Joomla, Bootstrap, Tumblr, Drupal, but it is the most popular CMS.

The users who are in contact with it can create dynamic websites and blogs very easily. WordPress is the most popular system on the web for blogging. It allows user to update, customize and manage the website from its back-end CMS and components.

WordPress dashboard

In addition, It is an excellent catchy responsive website design platform for various purposes. You can design blogging, e-commerce, business and portfolio websites with versatile CMS. WordPress is a tremendous way for small and large websites.

Types of Websites Built With WordPress

Here you will get some glimpse of various websites that can be made with WordPress.

  • Blog: A blog is a special type of website. Which is able to share reviews, tutorials, photos, latest updates and more. It displays the most recently published post.
  • Business Website: Many businesses are benefiting from the online presence of their website. If you want the business to reach the customers then there is no better surface than WordPress for creating a website. Customers can contact you and ask for details of the product and appointment. It provides much more convenience.
  • Wedding & Event Website: Share details of your big day with an array of wedding themes available on WordPress. The website is also available in the market for planning events like weddings. Such a website is primarily built on it.
  • Education Website: Websites of schools, colleges and universities are also easy to design on it. Where students can easily get courses, available seats and all the details related to studies.
  • Forum Website: Users use the forum website to ask questions or share advice. Such a website can be built on it for a better experience. 
  • E-commerce Website: You may have heard the name of Amazon and may have also purchased products. Let me tell you that this is an e-commerce website. You can create such a great website on WordPress to sell your product. It is very easy to create an e-commerce website on WordPress because you get great plugin woo-commerce here.
  • Membership Website: You can convert your website into a membership type. Where your trusted subscribers can access pages and posts online. The payment method for membership is also easily added to WordPress.

WordPress Attributes

WordPress installs a powerful feature set for building a website and for a great content management system. Here are some of the many features of it.

  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO is a technical terminology but WordPress made it easy by providing various tremendous plugins. All these plugins give you feeling just like a coder. Well, there are many plugins in it for SEO. Check out the best SEO plugin for free.
  • No added cost: You can download and use the required material at free of cost on WordPress.org. However, you have to pay for web hosting and a domain name.
  • Simple to Use: Creating a website on it is as easy as writing your memories with a pen on copy. If you use Microsoft Office Word then the creation of a website is equally easy.
  • Free Open Source: GNU General Public License (GPL) provides license to WordPress as open-source software. This software is free because so many developers and users team up and contribute to make it better.
  • Secured website: No one offers 100% security as many website development platforms are. But WordPress’s vigilant security team is always ready for users.
  • Premium theme and plugins: Well many themes and plugins are available for free. But there are many such features which are not available for free. Those who build websites for business mainly think of premium.
  • Customize your theme: The WordPress theme provides you with the basic structure of the website. But by going to the Customize section in the dashboard, you can give it the form you want with a simple click.
  • Website Speed, mobile-friendly website, media file library, custom menus, simple user interface are also considered. 

WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com

If you are going to start working on it, then there are some important points that you need to know. First the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

If you are new then it is a bit difficult to differentiate between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. I will clear your confusion here. 

WordPress.org is the web location where you can download the required software to install on your own web hosting account. 

WordPress.com is the hosted version of WordPress, where you can create a WordPress.com account to make a blog or website.

Making Money with WordPress

Many new industries are touching highs due to the ease of WordPress. Today, many people are making good money by creating websites on WordPress for customers.

If you are a website developer or designer, then you can go towards specialization. You can give training to those who are new in this field.

There are many companies that cannot handle their own website. You can work by taking a handling charge from them.

So many website owners who want their website to rank on Google SERPs but they are not able to work continuously. You can make money by working for them as a Consultant.

By working on the website, you get to know about good WordPress SEO. This skill can also help in increasing your pocket money.

The more you enter the field of website design, the more you will see the way to earn money. There are many things that make sense to do it yourself. it is also something like this. Go deep and you will enjoy it.

How to Start With WordPress?

I hope that I have convinced you that it is well worth a try. But now what to do next?

By the way, it is a self-hosted system. But there will be some more steps to create a website. There is absolutely no need to worry. The process for this is very sensitive. Watch the steps given below and follow:

Select Domain Name

This is your unique web address that is hosted. The domain name should always be short, simple and catchy. So that visitors to your website can easily remember. Before purchasing the domain name, you should check whether you are getting what you want.

Hosting Platform

Firstly, Website hosting is a place where your site’s data and files are saved. Can spread information across the web to customers visiting your website. This means that you buy the hosting as per your requirement. Later you can change the plan. By the way, it is both shared and premium type. You can make a decision based on your budget and need.

WordPress Installation

By the way, when you take hosting, then the hosting provider provides the complete WordPress package, only you have to install it.

Get started with plugin and theme under customization

Secondly, You can select the theme in the dashboard appearance for website design. WordPress provides many themes for free. Select according to your needs. As much as the theme is present on WordPress, all necessary plugins are recommended. You can download all those plugins and start working. 

Content Writing and Posting

Thirdly, You should write content in relation to the idea with which your website is related. Try to make sure that the content is unique and not copy-paste. Must be at least 300 words, which makes it easier for SEO. Plagiarism must be checked after writing the content completely. After this, you post the article.


Finally, I hope this post cleared you What is WordPress, their attributes, and how to start with it. There are several ways to earn money with it.

In the last of this post if you have any query feel free to contact me.

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