Google’s Unique Initiative: Google Lens App for Android Phone Users

The Google lens app is a living example of the era of artificial intelligence and deep machine learning. Its speciality is that by placing an object in front of the camera lens, it scans and tells what the object is. It is capable of translation, shopping, and more.

In 2017, Google Lens was launched but it was a special feature of Google Pixel. When Google’s experiment became successful with this app, then it comes in the majority of Android devices came. Being a good and useful app, I will ask you to go to Google Play and download it today anyway, this app is free.

Its goodness is many of which allow handwritten notes to be sent to the computer. Also, useful for saving other text such as sign and document.

Allows users to perform a Google search of highlighted text in the latest update. Extends the lens’ translation capabilities with options.

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What is Google Lens app?

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Google lens app offers you:

  • Point at text, then tap capture to translate
  • Point at text, then tap capture to copy or scan
  • Point at an object, then tap capture to learn more
  • Point at items, then tap capture for product details
  • Point at a dish on a menu, then tap capture for details  

Google Lens allows you to point your mobile phone at any material object, such as a book, flower or anything. Result will make a smile on your face. Along with identifying this object, you will get suggestions based on the object. You can see the link of more results on the current interface of mobile. 

Let’s go to another example, point out your google lens to SSID sticker of a Wi-Fi router. Now automatically your phone connected with Wi-Fi network without doing anything. Google lens app is really too easy to point and shoot and get rid of your hassle life. 

Just what I talked about was related to book and flower but you should point and shoot in design, restaurants, cafes, bars, stylish clothes, medicine. Google lens will present you a pop-up window showing reviews, address details, opening time, price, brand name and many more.

Features of Google Lens App

The above-described possibility Google Lens offers the following features in addition:

  • Translation in any language: You need to point your mobile camera on text with Google translation featured plugin then see the magic.
  • Search Nearby: Google lens can detect your surrounding when you point camera around you. It means to identify the fabric of bed sheet, breed of pet, types and price of air conditioner, types of plants, review of TV etc.  
  • Best for Shopping: This is the best app in the sense of shopping. As you turn on camera towards the object you can easily get review afterwards you can decide to take or not.
  • Text Search and Selection: You can point your mobile camera on the text and highlight with Google assistant in Google lens for selection then move to the search icon.
  • Scan Code: this is the updated feature of Google lens. You can scan any barcode for further action or transaction.

Working Method of Google Lens app

Google lens works on the following four features:

  • Google Assitant
  • Google Photo
  • Camera app
  • Google lens app

These four factors play a keen role to deliver better experience to us.

Limitation on Mobile devices

As you know this app best suited for android phone users but few mobile phones are available in the market those are not able to avail this facility. Due to exception, Huawei Mate Pro 30 is banned from google services

How to activate Google lens app?

It’s very easy firstly download the google lens app in your mobile phone.

  • Click on open tap.
  • Welcome to Google lens window will pop up in front of you.
  • Click on OK to agree Google privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
  • Now you are free to use this marvellous app.

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The Google lens launched by Google is a great feature in itself. This is a new dimension of technology in this changing environment. I would suggest that you also download and use this app once. I am saying this because I am using this app.

Hope this post fulfils your expectation here.

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