How to Start a Blog from Scratch: Complete Guide (11 Steps)

It is a very good thing that you are reading this post and are making up your mind to start a blog. I hope you will join the blogging community in the coming times. I know you a question in your mind i.e. how to start a blog. Don’t worry you will get solution over here in 11 easy steps.

Millions of people think that the blogging field has become saturate and money cannot be made from blogging.

Choose your Favourite Blog niche and Goals

Your favourite blog niche and goals is the first answer to how to start blog. lets understand it.

Before starting a blog it is necessary to take the most important decision in the context of the niche. You have to write content about this niche.

We know that every blogger needs a niche for their blog. Niche can be of any field like travel, food, kitchen items etc.

If there is any problem in selecting the blog, then you can get help by reading about the profitable niche idea.

You can select your niche and grow the blog on the endless topics related to it.

When you talk to a professional and ask them on which niche a blog should be created, they will say “The field you have mastered, the niche on which you can speak continuously, the niche on which content is written and not boredom” “. That niche will be the reason for your success.

Do you know which niche you have mastered and you don’t know? Sometimes it happens that someone who likes something tells his close. Like I will help you in which field you have mastered.
Let’s start with our daily life
You must have kept the same thing in your house that you love most, once you have looked at all those items, you may have found a niche.

Second way you can see in yourself that what you have done in your life so far, I mean what is your profession, you can get a niche from there too.

If you read or watch the news, magazine or pay attention to it, then you can get a niche.

blog niche

See the above image and think about it. Definitely a smile can take place on your face when you know your perfect niche idea.

Pick a domain name

domain name

How to start blog reaches to pick a domain name. Lets go in depth.

For blogging, there is no need to create a blog. Your objective can be successful using medium, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook platform.

If you are thinking of making a blog for the purpose of making money, then it is important to pay attention before taking the domain.

To earn money from blogging, you have to launch a website. I am assuming that you are starting a blog and you will own the website.

To select a domain name, you can take help by reading the post of selection of domain name.

To make money from blogging, I always suggest that the domain name should be easy for the user to remember.

You can also keep a domain name with your name. The niche on which you want to write content can also be a domain name.

Now comes the extension which is very important to pay attention. You will get help to take approval from Google Adsense in future.

Google Adsense mainly approves three types of extensions easily i.e. “.com”, “.org” and “.edu”. I would suggest that you choose one of these three extensions for your blog.

Choose a web hosting provider and Register your domain

Keep your enthusiasm towards How to Start a Blog, so now you have reached the next stage.

Whatever the site, it has to be linked to one of the hosting providers. Do you know what the hosting provider does?

A hosting provider is a company that provides space or server to your site. Whatever data you share on your website is stored in that space. The hosting provider shows the saved data to the user who visits your website.

I have found the best two hosting provider agency and blue Host. At the initial level for your blog, it is cheap and best. Just go and see the plan and register your domain.

Installation of WordPress blogging platform

Before installation of WordPress you need to read what is WordPress. This step is basic but need to know. This is the middle part of how to start a blog.

WordPress provides Content Management System (CMS) for your blog. A few years ago there were many competitors of WordPress like Joomla, Blogger and Typepad.

Nobody uses all these platforms to this day.

But today, all other platforms were lagging behind due to WordPress having excellent scalability and user-friendly.

According to Statistics 2020, in the web world, WordPress controls 35% of websites.

Most hosting provider companies offer WordPress packages. you can do with a simple click. There is a very simple step that you have purchased hosting from. You log in to the hosting dashboard, search for install WordPress, click on it. Follow the guidelines that are found next. WordPress will be installed in some time.

Pick Lite WordPress Theme

WordPress is the bedrock of your website. Without the knowledge of coding, you can make a website professional by launching a theme.

WordPress uses a theme that contains small codes. You can also change this theme for your website.

When you change the theme, the website will also be changed. The best thing is that the content of the blog post will not change.

With such a facility, you can take your website to the extreme. No need to start from scratch for this. You can manage the theme by going to the theme section.

Let us go in Dashboard.

Go to dashboard of WP-admin and you can see theme option in appearance at left sidebar menu.

WordPress Theme

Single-shot answer is Hestia, WP Generate and Color Mug are lite theme in the free version. But I will suggest you to go for the Pro version. It will cost you but in future it will best suited for you.

I am using Hestia. It has tremendous customization options. You should also try it, if not suited then you can change. It does not take any money to change the theme.

Install Valuable WordPress Plugins

The curiosity of How to Start a Blog has come to install the WordPress plugin

The best thing about WordPress is that you can customize the website in countless ways.

WordPress plugins are small software which increases your functionality. This can add extra features to the website without coding and start a blog.

Be careful not to make the website heavy by adding more plugins. Activate only the plugin you need.

Some bloggers add many plugins that cause problems later. There are many plugins that are not compatible with other plugins.

Important Plugins

I use 5 to 10 good plugins. You can see the important plugin list below.

  • Yoast SEO: The best plugin for On-Page SEO is Yoast SEO. For the purpose of using and installing it, read Yoast SEO Plugin In WordPress.
  • Contact Form 7: When a visitor comes to your website, then he can come in contact with you through the contact form. Contact us page will be seen on most websites. All those websites use contact form 7 plugin. It is simple and easy.
  • Lite Speed Cache: This plugin is best to speed up your website loading time.
  • Mailchimp for WordPress: If the visitors who visit the website like the content, then they want to subscribe to your website. I use Mail Chimp. So far the experience is good with it.
  • insert header footer: If you do not know coding like me, then this plugin can also prove to be very helpful for you. There will be many times when you avail an external service like Google webmaster then you will get an HTML code which you have to paste in the header of the website, then this plugin will help.
  • Smush: This plugin will have a big role in the website. Its main function is to compress the image. Which does not load much on the website.
  • Akismet: There are many times when spammers attack a website through comments. This plugin identifies spam and keeps the website secure.

There is a plugin related to everything that you can use to improve your website.

WordPress plugin

Go to the plugin page and search as per your requirement. After the plugin is found, click on install and press the Activate button. That plugin will become active for your website.

Install Google Analytics

Google has provided Google analytic to monitor the activities running on the website. This facility is available for free.

Despite being free, it is also the best analytic tool.

The word analytic sounds complicated by mere listening so most people do not pay attention to it.
But you do not do this because it has many benefits. This shows you which content your users are liking more and which work.

You need to create a Google account. Go to the plugin section of the website and activate Google Analytics plugin. Google does the rest of the work and shows the data on the admin dashboard.

I saw two advantages of using it.
The first reason, Google starts storing data of the on-site website from the time you create an account. Whenever you login in Google Analytics, you will see the data.

The second reason, it shows: How many visitors came to the website? Which country did you come from? What is traffic type? How much is the content in content?
Answers to many such questions are found on Google Analytics.

google analytic

Setting up Google Analytics is very easy.
As you just mentioned, create a Google Analytics Additional Account. You will get an HTML code which you have to paste in the header section of the website. Now the task is completed.
If you don’t know where the header section is, then you can use the “Insert Header Footer” plugin.

Setup your permalink structure and Site SEO

Permalink has a huge contribution in ranking on search engines.

When you create a new post or page, then there is a link attached to the title called Permalink. Which is absolutely necessary to correct for every post.

You can fix Permalink by going to the image as shown below. Then click on save.


You need to put the permalink in the right way like Kindly place default permalink from dashboard with the following steps.

  • Go to WordPress dashboard
  • Select Permalink after click on setting at the left side panel of the current interface.
permalink setup
  • You can see the common setting at the current interface. Select Post name then click save button at the bottom of the interface.
Permalink post name

I suggest using keywords from your post for Permalink.

This is the only thing in the entire post that cannot be changed. You can change post title, meta description, content, heading. But after publishing the post, Permalink cannot change.

If you tamper with Permalink, a 404 error will occur and the link value will also go away.

Make an email list

If not today or tomorrow you will come to know that email marketing gives ROI by leaps and bounds.

Technically, this is a true thing.

Make pages on Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms related to the niche you are thinking of working on.

Add users to all these pages. As soon as people join, you will get their email id comfortably.

You can draft beautiful mail and mail it to all the users who are related to your niche.

According to me, you will get a good result to start blog. Write content for blog to fulfil users intent

Head towards guest post and link building

Guest post and link building the the important segment of the question How to start a blog.

A guest post means writing content for another website and sharing a link to your post.

By doing this there is a possibility of increasing the domain authority of your website.

Most websites offer guest posts. You can check on your search engine.

For the growth of the website and start a blog, you need to have a competitor. MOZ provides you very good facility that you can check the backlink of any website.

Monetize your Blog

How to start a blog now reaches to monetization of the blog.

There are two ways of monetization
First google Adsense
And another affiliate marketing

Google Adsense has its own rules and regulations which are important to read.

Today almost every company is promoting Affiliate marketing. You can also become an affiliate marketer and make a good income.
Example Commission Junction, Click Bank is a well-known affiliate provider.


In the last this post help you to understand how to start a blog from scratch.

I hope this helped you.

If any point not covered please make a single link comment.

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